Our Mission

Life cycle, root to tip blade management

All actors in the wind industry agree to say that today, blade maintenance is critical to ensure wind turbines' full efficiency. When properly maintained, those blades can last 20 to 30 years. It is therefore important to ensure a close follow up all along their life cycle.


No more bad inspection


Make onshore and offshore visual wind turbine blade inspections easy to execute, accurate, standardized and cost-efficient.

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The right data at the right moment

Data Management

Allow for the tracking of the blades status over time, no matter the inspection method used nor the supplier involved.

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The best use of your people


Differentiate the field work, that can be done by any regular technician, from the expertise work performed right online by experts.

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How Cornis Blade Inspection Works

Three simple steps, no matter the methods you use.

1. Picture Acquisition

Panoblade, Drone, Spot, Intrablade, etc.

This first step is performed on the field and consists in collecting you blade data either with your own system (drone or other hardware than the Cornis one) or with your favorite Cornis system: Panoblade, Intrablade.

2. Data Processing

Making your data shine

Thanks to defect detection algorithms and optimize review interface, your expert can review defects twice as fast.

3. Reporting et online expertise

50% faster thanks to A.I.

From the full service to independence option, you've got the choice. We can provide the full solution or integrate our processing algorithms to your existing processes.

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Fast. Easy to operate. Accurate.

Why choosing Cornis Blade Inspection technologies?

Cornis solutions are cost-efficient solutions, applicable both onhore and offshore and compatible with all blade inspections methods:

A flexible model depending on your needs.

We take care of everything

Full service.

When planning your Panoblade (external) and Intrablade (internal) inspections, Cornis can handle all the steps, onshore or offshore: data acquisition onsite by a Cornis technician + processing and reporting of the data on Cornis web-based platform + online analysis of the defects by a Cornis composite expert.

Plan a Full-Service Inspection!

You internalize.


Train your team and internalize the blade data acquisition process by using your own Cornis inspection system. Cornis will handle the processing and reporting of your data on our platform, no matter the data source. Your data is centralized and easily accessible online for further analysis, either by Cornis experts or by yours.

Plan an Independance Inspection!
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We value flexibility to give you the best of Cornis tools with the least changes!

Panoblade and Intrablade, the systems developed by Cornis for blade inspection.

External Inspection


Very few logistics for a consistent, detailed, easy to plan and efficient inspection!
Panoblade system was developed more than 5 years ago and consists of a HD photographic system on a motorized head controlled by a field software we have developed. It is placed right underneath the turbine onshore or on the transition piece offshore and allows for the scan of the full surface of the blades in a record time. Cornis then handles the data processing and reporting on our web platform in order for blade experts to do the analysis right online. Panoblade system quality allows to track sub-millimeters defects. Those defects are systematically measured and localized from the hub.

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Internal Inspection


Just like Panoblade, Intrablade is the first step to a standard, precise and cost-efficient blade follow-up over time.
The Intrablade system is a HD photographic system allowing a 360° capture of the internal parts of the blades with no missing points. Deployed into cavities, by technicians trained by Cornis, it allows safe and precise internal inspections.

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Cornis Blade Inspection tools can help you be more more accurate, faster and save money

Panoblade, Intrablade, Drone or you own inspection method, our A.I. is used to process all kind of data.



Cornis has inspected more than 10 000 wind turbines onshore and offshore



Cornis now works in all the continents.


Trained technicians

Thanks to our easy to use software and our training programs, everyone can have access to our leading technology.


Identified defects

Each reviewed defect is stored and analysed to enhance A.I. algorithm and experts training.


Pictures collected and analysed

As a data specialist, Cornis store and secure your data and analyse it thanks to A.I.


Turbines inspected in one day with Panoblade

Our technicians can inspect up to 12 turbines a day. And we can train you to do the same!

An offer adapted to a large variety of actors

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