Cornis Cloud

AI-Powered O&M Management Tool


Cornis Cloud is a platform dedicated to wind turbine inspection.

All your data in one place!

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1. Data Capturing

Inspect your turbines with the method of your choice (Cornis' tools or others)

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2. Data Processing with AI

Optimization of the images, stitching and defect detection with AI.

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3. Access to Cornis Cloud

Access to all data and reports on a centralized portal.

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Cornis AI has been trained on more than 5M images and 500k defects. It is able to spot any defect with a better precision than an human eye.
Cornis AI can be used on any blade data and can be trained for specific purposes.

+ 99%

AI accuracy

+ 5 000 000

images analysed

+ 1 000

users online

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