Wind Turbine Tower Inspection



Just like blades, towers age and can suffer from corrosion impacting the structure.


Depending on the turbine and the surroundings, we can deploy different inspection methods (drone or ground based).

What results?

Our corrosion experts will give you a detailed report of the tower shape. Our experts can assist you in defining and auditing the repair methods used.

1. Data Capturing

Complete scan of the towers with the best method depending on the surroundings and the turbines (drone or Panoblade ground based camera).

2. Data Processing

Stitching of all the images to reconstruct the precise geometry of the towers and allow a precise localization and measurement of the defects.

3. Online Analysis

Review of all images with corrosion experts. Annotation of all defects and online reporting.

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ACQPA / FROSIO Corrosion experts

As member of SITES group, we work now with corrosion experts certified ACQPA/FROSIO. They have a large experience of analyzing corrosion on any type of infrastructures (bridges, cooling towers, turbine towers etc.).

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