Artificial intelligence at Cornis

A.I. as a tool not as a magic wand.

As a data management expert, Cornis has been using AI to leverage your inspection data since the beginning (image enhancement, blade geometry reconstruction, etc).


No more need to be a camera expert!

Facilitate technician work

Thanks to A.I., Cornis software can detect the blade and ensure that the quality of the acquisition is optimal.

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50% faster expertise.

Automate Expertise

We use A.I. to eliminate part of the blade where there is no expertise to do. Experts using our solutions can save 50% of expertise time with this method.

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No more bad pictures!

Quality Check

Our algorithm verify and enhance pictures to warn you as soon as possible of bad pictures that would need to be retaken. If you can't we still process them to get the most data out of a bad acquisition.

Our approach to A.I.

Since 2012, we use A.I. to leverage your inspection data

As a data management expert, Cornis has been using AI to leverage your inspection data since the beginning : image enhancement, blade geometry reconstruction, automatic blade element recognition, automatic focus and camera setting, etc.

Defect detection

Reduce expertise time by 2!

Cornis AI is applied to detect blurry pictures right from the field or to reduce the expertise time by 2 for example.

Blurry scan detection

No more bad pictures.

Our algorithms can detect scans that contain too many bad pictures and would need to be retaken. Detecting bad scan while your technicians are still on-site.

Automatic camera setting

No more need to be a photograph anymore!

Panoblade software automatically set the camera depending on the weather conditions and the blade.

Text recognition

Don't type the text you can read on pictures!

Our OCR algorithms allow you to automatically fill all the informations your technicians wrote on plates to our or your inspection platform.

Panorama stitcthing

Analyse blades as if you were directly on site!

The unique Cornis recognition algorithm reconstruct a precise panorama of blade inspection with accurate measurement.

Operations anomalies

Detect problem on the field as they happen!

Cornis Mark gives you precise statistics of the performance of your technicians on site. You can detect anomaly in performance and training needs as soon as the first inspections are finished.

Defect categorization

Accelerate the work of your experts!

Our algorithms can suggest a categorization for your defects so your experts can save time doing their inspection.

Side recognition

Automatically order pictures!

f some of your data have not been taken by an automated system or not well ordered by sides, we can automatically detect which side corresponds to which picture to make your process faster and more accurate.

Legacy Data

Don't copy old reports by hand!

You may have a pile of old PDF reports of inspection. Our algorithms are able to extract all the relevant information from these reports and structure them as if you did this inspection with today's modern tools.

It's time to start using Artificial Intelligence in your processes!

A Machine Learning experts team in house.

You don't have to change your processes

AI plugged into your internal systems

Cornis AI can be integrated into client’s own data management systems through APIs. No need to change your existing processes!

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We are data specialists.

Customized AI adapted to your needs

Cornis AI is also adapted to other topics : additional components of the turbine, other industries (solar, hydro, construction, etc..)

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How does it work?
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State of the art algorithms.

Deep Learning neural networks implemented by Machine Learning Experts.

All our AI algorithms have been trained on our almost 400k blade defects database over and over until it over-performed human experts.
Cornis AI is based on state of the art Deep Learning methods. We also use our Image processing expertise and statistical inference to make sure you have the best result.
Cornis CTO worked during his PhD with the CNES (French Space Agency) on Image Processing algorithms for satellite data, he is an Image processing expert and is leading the product development team to keep our algorithm up to date with the Machine Learning Research.




Cornis has inspected more than 10 000 wind turbines onshore and offshore



Cornis now works in all the continents.


Trained technicians

Thanks to our easy to use software and our training programs, everyone can have access to our leading technology.


Identified defects

Each reviewed defect is stored and analysed to enhance A.I. algorithm and experts training.


Pictures collected and analysed

As a data specialist, Cornis store and secure your data and analyse it thanks to A.I.


Turbines inspected in one day with Panoblade

Our technicians can inspect up to 12 turbines a day. And we can train you to do the same!

An offer adapted to a large variety of actors

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